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LAToken served new airdrop. Join to get 2 LA token and you will get 2 LA token per your referrals.

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  Vodi X Bounty (Decentralized Ecommerce Ecosystem) Earn 100 VDX~10$ (Initial Price) an
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Vodi X Bounty (Decentralized Ecommerce Ecosystem) Earn 100 VDX~10$ (Initial Price) and 10 per referral 

Vodi is an extraordinarily successful and award-winning all-in-one mobile platform boasting 5+ million users in over 200 countries and is tokenizing its ecosystem by launching Vodi X. Vodi X complements the already vibrant existing Vodi platform with the use of blockchain technology.
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  Matt Holliday Jersey
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Most people who collect sports cards when they are kids usually end up storing them in boxes for years and years. That’s where they stay until something prompts the desire to go through them.For a 76-year-old man from New Jersey who asked to be identified only by his first name Matt Holliday Jersey , John, it was seeing an ad in a newspaper earlier this year for a 1952 Mickey Mantle card being sold by Heritage Auctions with an estimated value of $3.5 million .At first, he was sure the listed price was an error.”I told my daughter, `this is going to be interesting. Tomorrow’s New York Times, they’re going to print they had a typo and they had an extra zero in it,”’ John told The Associated Press in a phone interview. ”I really thought they had made a terrible mistake.”When he didn’t see a correction the following day, he began looking through the collection he jointly owns with his older brother, Ed. And when he saw the card sold by former NFL lineman Evan Mathis went for $2.88 million , that’s when John decided to call Heritage to have them evaluate his cards.As it turns out, their collection includes five Mantle Topps cards from 1952, similar to the one Mathis sold. However, that card was graded a Mint 9 by PSA, one of the leading sports memorabilia authenticators. The best in the brothers’ collection is a PSA 8.5 that has been valued at $1 million by Heritage and is part of its Summer Platinum Night Sports Auction that runs through Aug. 19.John recalled he and his brother began collecting cards in 1951 when they were growing up in West Hartford, Connecticut. John was 9 years old at the time, and Ed was 12, and they each had separate collections that got merged at some point years later when they were being stored.Their cards are from 1951 and 1952, and nothing after.”For reasons unknown, we didn’t save anything after that, from 1953,” John said. ”I guess my brother sort of outgrew it, and as the big brother stopped saving cards the little brother apparently did as well.”There was a big attic in their house and John said a lot of things were stored there over the years after they were no longer being used, including his Cub scout uniform and his Army uniforms. At some point the cards went up there, too.That’s where they remained until his mother passed away in late 2006. Her house was sold and her belongings were divided between John and his brother, who lives in Massachusetts. The cards ended up in John’s basement.”We always knew we had the cards, but they were just in the attic,” John said. ”We were fortunate our mother stayed and lived in the house until she was almost 102. Most people would have moved at some point, and in the move things like baseball cards and old school books would get thrown away. Ours just stayed there for 50 years.”At one point around 1980 by John’s estimate, he talked to a dealer and described what he had and without seeing the cards , the dealer offered him $8,000. However, it wasn’t a priority for him to do anything with them at the time.Not until he saw the big price tag for Mathis’ card and reached out to Heritage.”Part of the anxiety is you don’t know how (to sell the cards),” John said. ”If you go to a dealer who is buying them, your best interest isn’t his primary one. With an auctioneer, the better you do, the better they do.”And the brothers’ collection is already doing quite well. There were 26 cards sold in Heritage’s auction in July for a total of $384,000. That included a PSA 7.5 ($200,000) and a PSA 5 ($72,000) that both returned more than estimated.The current auction has six cards from their collection, including the Mantle PSA 8.5, and their final two Mantle cards – a PSA 7 estimated at $100,000 and another PSA 5 estimated at $40,000 – will be part of an offering in the fall.John credited his father, who was an avid collector of stamps, coins and postcards with pictures of bridges, for instilling the sense of preserving collections in him and his brother.”We didn’t abuse them,” he said of the cards. ”They were a collection. We watched how he did things and we did the same.”Asked if he had any plans for his share of the money from the sale of the cards, John said he avoids thinking about that.”It seems tempting fate to be planning too far in advance of what are you going to do, a counting-your-chickens syndrome,” he said.—Follow Vin Cherwoo at ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) Out by out, the Tampa Bay Rays are revamping the roles of major league pitchers.A decade after embracing Joe Maddon’s entertaining managerial style and buying into baseball’s analytical movement to transform themselves from perennial losers to playoff contenders, the budget-minded franchise is trying to reinvent itself through unconventional means.Welcome to the dawn of the ”opener” and ”bullpen days,” which the Rays have used to overcome a dearth of starting pitching to rebound from the worst 17-game stretch to begin a season in team history.It’s a world where long-time relievers Sergio Romo and Jonny Venters made the first starts of their major league careers, and the Rays used 30 different pitchers – seven of them rookies who combined for 39 starts – through their first 106 games.”It’s still early, but I think we found out that it does benefit some pitchers,” Rays manager Kevin Cash said.Depending on matchup Reggie Jackson Jersey , the Rays may use an ”opener” to face three to six batters to begin a game.A ”bullpen day” starter, by comparison, generally pitches deeper into games though usually no more than twice through an opposing team’s lineup.”I think some of our young starters have been benefited by not having to face that first four or five hitters in the lineup,” Cash said. ”I give a lot of credit to those guys for buying into a unique approach that’s been talked about a lot,” Cash said. ”It’s nice that they have come together, embraced it, and I think enjoyed it to some extent. When it goes well, it’s a lot of fun.”The ”opener” debuted May 19, when Romo made the first start of an 11-year big league career after 588 relief appearances. Since then, the Rays have the major leagues’ second-best ERA.In all, they’ve used an ”opener” 24 times, going 11-13 in those games. Additionally, there have been 19 ”bullpen days” in which the team has gone 9-10.Tampa Bay is averaging 4.3 innings per starter, by far the fewest in the major leagues, according to Baseball Info Solutions. Toronto is 29th at 5.27 innings.”It definitely is different. It definitely is outside the box. But the way it’s all been pieced together, it’s almost turning into our normal,” said Romo, who more recently has re-settled into a more customary role as a closer,Rookie Ryne Stanek, for the most part, has flourished as an opener, holding opponents scoreless in 12 of 15 starts, including four in which he didn’t allow a hit. Venters, who made 244 appearances as a reliever before making his first major league start in early June, did not fare as well in his only outing as an opener. The 33-year-old was traded last week to Atlanta.”Ryne Stanek definitely has benefited from that role,” Cash said. ”It’s amazing every day how much buy-in we get. We know we’re doing some unique things. and some questionable things that people scratch their head at, but these pitchers do a tremendous job of buying in.”Good, young starting pitching was among the keys to a stretch of four postseason appearances over six years under Maddon , including two AL East titles and an improbable run to the 2008 World Series.This season’s unorthodox approach to dividing the workload was born of necessity.Cash expected to break spring training with a four-man rotation of Chris Archer, Blake Snell, Nathan Eovaldi and Jake Faria, while using the bullpen to cover days that would require a fifth starter.The ”opener” was added to the mix help the manager cope with injuries that at times left the Rays with three – and sometimes just two – healthy starters.”I get it. It makes some sense, especially when they have some starters down. … A little unconventional, and I don’t think necessarily ideal, but I certainly get it,” New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone said.”You do what gives you the best chance to win, regardless,” Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter echoed. ”They’re doing it because they don’t have any starting pitchers.”While Cash concedes it’s still too early to draw any conclusions about the potential effectiveness long-term – or whether other clubs will be intrigued enough to follow Tampa Bay’s lead – the strategy nevertheless has helped the Rays stay afloat following a 4-13 start.The team is 49-40 in 89 games since April 18 and 53-53 overall entering a nine-game homestand that begins Tuesday.That’s despite using 30 pitchers season, tying a franchise single-season record.And, with 14 different starting pitchers – six more than all of last year – the Rays have matched the number the club had the previous three seasons combined.”I can be completely candid and honest. When it works, it feels pretty good when it’s happening. But when it doesn’t, it’s pretty gut-wrenching,” Cash said after one game in which the results were not pretty.The Rays have had enough success that they’ve begun experimenting with openers in the minor leagues.Could others in the majors be open to trying it, too?”Baseball is kind of a copycat game. It depends on how it all plays out,” Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons said. ”I don’t like (using relievers that way). But everybody’s got to do what they got to do with what they have, and what they want to do.”The Rays, meanwhile, are focusing on themselves.”We’re not necessarily looking to get credit. We probably don’t want to get bashed, either, for it,” Cash said.”But every decision we make, there’s a lot of thought that goes into it. We’re not throwing something up against the wall,” the manager added. ”This is an opportunity that presented itself with so many young pitchers, and it is nice to see it play out when we have success.”—AP freelance writer Mark Didtler contributed to this report.—

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While he may be doing poorly in the batting average column during this regular season Lance McCullers Jersey , Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper blew away the competition in exciting fashion to win the 2018Home Run Derby hitting a total of 45 home runs.While he may have only won by one home run in each round, he still managed to pull off an improbable victory.With just around 1:30 left in the final round, Harper was down 18-9, but he stormed back and seemed to just knock home run after home run if the ball was anywhere near the zone.To make it even better, the pitches came from his dad.Below, we'll recap each round with the home run totals and comment on some takeaways from the event. 2018 Home Run Derby ResultsFirst RoundNo. 2 Bryce Harper 13, No. 7 Freddie Freeman, 12No. 3 Max Muncy 17, No. 6 Javier Baez, 16No. 8 Rhys Hoskins 17, No. 1Jesus Aguilar, 12No. 5 Kyle Schwarber 16, No. 4 Alex Bregman, 15 SemifinalsNo. 2 Bryce Harper 13 , No. 3 Max Muncy, 12No. 5 Kyle Schwarber 21, No. 8 Rhys Hoskins, 20FinalsNo. 2 Bryce Harper 19, No. 5 Kyle Schwarber, 18Format Takeaways1. Timed Rounds Are BestFor so long, we had the "10-out" format. While it allowed us to see some wild home run totals, the event would drag on to the point where viewers would just tune out.Now, with the timed rounds, it adds intrigue, and we saw that firsthand as Harper hit his 18th home run in the final round with just seconds left.The event still went around 2.5 hours, but it felt shorter than that due to the timer.It almost makes you wonder what baseball would be like if instead of innings we had a time clock.No, I'm joking. Don't hurt me.The rounds have a timeout, which will help competitors preserve some energy.2. Seedings Need to Be ReworkedThe seeding system is a bit broken Alex Bregman Jersey , though it might be tough to figure out.For example, Rhys Hoskins is an incredible power hitter, but due to injury, he was the No. 8 seed and dominated the No. 1 seed, Jesus Aguilar.Instead, maybe they should do the seedings based on an average length of home runs. While that may be an inexact science with different home run totals, it would at least give some insight into the competitor's overall power.Either way, whatever MLB decides, total home runs is not a good determiner. We also saw No. 1 seed Giancarlo Stanton lose last year in the opening round.What do you think would be a better idea? 3. This Was a Fun GroupYeah, the header says it all. This was just a fun cast of guys to compete in this.Sure, having New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge back in it to defend his title would have been fun, but there was no clear-cut winner from this one, though Harper was in front of his home audience.All eight guys had a legitimate shot at winningy favorite was Muncy.Even down to the final round, we had Schwarber vs. Harper Carlos Beltran Jersey , who put on an entertaining round, capped off by a Harper walk-off with his extra time.The 2019 Home Run Derby has a lot to live up to, that's for sure! ATLANTA — Anibal Sanchez was released by the Minnesota Twins in the middle of spring training and the 34-year-old right-hander needed another team to give him a chance.The Atlanta Braves did just this, signing Sanchez to a minor league contract, and the former National League and American League standout has been an important rotation member for a team on top of the NL East.Sanchez (6-5, 3.01 ERA) will make his 23 appearance and 22nd start for the Braves on Tuesday night, facing the St. Louis Cardinals in the middle of a three-game series at SunTrust Park.Article continues below ...The Cardinals, fighting for a wild-card spot in the National League, will start rookie left-hander Austin Gomber (5-1, 3.78 ERA) opposite Sanchez.St. Louis (83-68) blasted four homers and won the series opener 11-6, but the Braves (83-67) had their magic number for winning the NL East reduced to seven when second-place Philadelphia also lost.The Braves, who lead the Phillies by 7 1/2 games, have won just four of their past 17 games at SunTrust Park and are just 38-37 at home.Sanchez last got credit for a victory on Aug. 3, but he has been as consistent as any member of the Braves rotation , never allowing more than four earned runs in any start.Despite transitioning from a power pitcher to a finesse one, Sanchez has 118 strikeouts in 119 2/3 innings.Sanchez has had issues with home runs, but none against him have come in the past four starts. Opponents are batting only .217 against him.Sanchez got a no-decision in the Braves’ 2-1 victory at San Francisco last Wednesday, yielding one run in six innings. He worked out of bases-loaded situations in the first and fourth innings thanks to double plays.“Bend and not break,” Braves manager Brian Snitker said. “He made some really good pitches when he had to, and to some really good hitters.”Gomber joined the Cardinals for good in late July and joined the rotation fulltime in early August.The 24-year-old’s first loss came in his most recent start, when he gave up seven runs in three innings to the Los Angeles Dodgers in St. Louis last Thursday.Gomber had given up just eight earned runs in his previous six starts.“Sometimes it just doesn’t go your way,” he said afterwards. “I felt like so far since I’ve been in the rotation I’ve given us a chance to win, and tonight I didn’t. Five days from now, hopefully, we are having a different conversation.”The Braves swept a three-game series in St. Louis but has lost seven in a row to the Cardinals in Atlanta.

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  CarryProtocol Airdrop Earn up to 1,000 CRE & 5,000 RFR “Great Project, Recommended”
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CarryProtocol Airdrop Earn up to 1,000 CRE & 5,000 RFR “Great Project, Recommended”
Carry is a protocol that powers the next generation of apps for offline retail. It is an incentive mechanism that drives consumers to Carry merchant stores. The whole system is geared toward enabling consumers, merchants and advertisers alike.
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-Refer to your friends to get more points and increase your level.

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  Two Impressive Airdrop YPTOSpace Platform & PLANNERSCAPE “Good Projects, Highly Recom
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YPTOSpace Platform Airdrop Earn 500 YPTO (20$) “Good Project, Recommended”
YPTOspace is a registered cryptocurrency platform dedicated to providing cryptocurrency for a world of users. Whether you want to get into cryptocurrency trading, sports betting and gambling or just pay and receive, YPTOspace will make it happening and we guarantee that our fees will be the lowest in the market.
Join the bot and follow the instruction:
PLANNERSCAPE - 25 PLAN ~ ($5+ ref) - 4.5 / 5 (100%
PLAN Tokens are utility tokens of PlannerScape, a Hong Kong-based project that leverages AI and blockchain technologies to re-imagine the future of work. In the works for over four years, PlannerScape is a time and task optimization platform coupled with a sophisticated decentralized workplace that frees individuals and businesses from chaotic schedules and work overload. 
Steps for Airdrop:
2-Start PlannerScape's Telegram BOT and follow instructions listed there:
-You need to have an account at LATOKEN with Tier 2 verification. 
-Submit the same email into the BOT.

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  Earl Mitchell Jersey
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The NFL Combine is usually when trade rumors start to heat up Earl Mitchell Jersey , but usually chatter begins before then. The Pittsburgh Steelers are trying to figure out what to do with wide receiver Antonio Brown, and for the time being, it appears the market for a trade is not developing like they would hope.We don’t know who has made offers at this point, and we probably won’t hear more about that until the Combine. There’s no real pressure to push something through for the time being because a trade cannot be officially executed until the new league year starts in March. Deadlines spur action, and with no formal deadline for almost two more months, it’s unlikely we see anything big develop for a while.We’re left wondering what kind of offers are out there. My guess is any initial offers would be maybe a second or third round pick at best. Two weeks ago, Jason La Canfora reported Steelers people thought they could get a first round pick for him, while Ian Rapoport reported rival executives thought they would get a second or maybe a third. It seems safe to assume that the rival executives projections are the top of where any current Brown offers are at. There is virtually no chance they are getting offered a first at this point. I’ve got some bad news for you. Brace yourself. The Niners are not going to win a Super Bowl this year. I know, sorry I had to be the one to tell you.Let’s avoid the whole tanking debate, because you know how you feel about that. I think the players on the field should play as hard as they can every down, and try to win every game, for a bunch of reasons. That said, a game where winning is not important opens up a bunch of possibilities. This season is lost. How can the San Francisco 49ers play to win next year Malcolm Smith Color Rush Jersey , and after that?1. Avoid InjuriesOf course the team always wants to avoid injuries, but there are some high risk situations that can be minimized. No “hospital passes,” such as comebacks in the deep middle of the field in tight coverage, jump balls or desperation throws on broken plays.Stick to receivers either wide open or in stride, and talk to Mullens about making sure he doesn’t throw behind his receivers. (He needs to work on that anyway.) Discourage kick returns in marginal situations. Work on the QB’s quick release (or throw away) skills. And lean toward sitting injured players where you might have pushed them to suit up in a more important game.2. Manage game filmThe chess match against other teams’ DCs is far too complicated to just say “don’t show any good new play variations.” And other strategic goals — such as evaluating young players, or having the offensive line master certain plays — makes that too simplistic.Besides, you want to plant wrinkles on film specifically to keep opposing coaches up late thinking about them. They’ll already be trying to imagine how this scheme will look with Jimmy Garoppolo back, and Jerick McKinnon finally available. Shanahan should show some counter plays, like the Kittle jet sweep, specifically to force players to hesitate a moment during games. Is that a handoff to McKinnon, with Kittle coming through to block the backside DE, or is Kittle going take a handoff?3. Evaluate players (and plays)Shanahan has been very upfront that he is doing this. So, yeah , play Julian Taylor and Marcell Harris. Maybe give Richard Sherman some snaps at safety, a position he has talked about playing. And use the different skill sets of players to try out some plays that haven’t been practical this year.Matt Breida has had an outstanding season, but he’s not a great pass receiving threat. Jeff Wilson, Jr. is — and so is Jerick McKinnon. This is a good time to try the plays the team might have run with their lead RB available, and Shanahan is already doing so. Wilson Jr. was targeted nine times against Seattle, and caught 8 of those passes for 73 yards; the team’s second leading receiver, ahead of even George Kittle.4. Practice less common scenariosGo for two on every touchdown, unless you’re still evaluating new long snapper Colin Holba. Try an onside kick. Send 8 men on a blitz. Maybe test Robbie Gould with a super long field goal where you might have punted otherwise — or go for it. Take a deep shot on fourth down (see #2 above). There are lots of edge case scenario plays you might need in an important game at some point. Now is the time to get game time practice in them.Also, make this game interesting and kick Denver’s ass. The hardest thing to do at this point in a tough, injury-racked season is to make the game interesting and fun for fans. But the Faithful pay the bills, and the team owes them the effort to try.

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J.A. Happ has been splendid since joining the New York Yankees — so good that he is undefeated.Happ looks to stay undefeated as a Yankee on Monday night when he pitches in the opener of a three-game series against the Minnesota Twins at Target Field.Since being acquired from the Toronto Blue Jays on July 26 for Brandon Drury and Billy McKinney Carlos Baerga Jersey , Happ is 5-0 with a 3.10 ERA in seven starts. He also is a leading candidate to get the ball should the Yankees hold onto their current spot in the standings and host the American League wild-card game.More Twins coverageGiants bench coach Meulens to interview with TwinsAfter disappointing season, Sano begins critical offseason for TwinsPhotos of the Week: 9/30/18 – 10/6/18Top Tweets: Local teams give shoutouts to Twins’ MauerLove for Twins’ Mauer off the charts after emotional dayOverall, the 35-year-old free-agent-to-be is 15-6 with a 4.00 ERA in 26 starts this season, his last under a three-year, $36 million contract signed with the Blue Jays ahead of the 2016 season.His resurgence since donning pinstripes has led some to wonder whether he’d be open to returning to New York next season. It is a notion Happ isn’t ready to address just yet, but also hasn’t completely ruled out.“I’d hate to get too far into that, but the one thing that I’ll say is, I’ve been impressed since I came over here with how things have worked so far, and all the baseball-related things have been a positive,” Happ told reporters last week. “So I think I’d be foolish to cross anybody off the list. But, yes Yonder Alonso Jersey , certainly, judging by how the first month has gone, it would be a place that I for sure would consider coming back if there was interest.”Happ bounced back from a rough outing against the Detroit Tigers to hold the A’s to a run and two hits in six-plus innings on Tuesday. The Yankees are 3-3 on their nine-game trip and 2 1/2 games ahead of Oakland in the wild-card race.The Twins will still be without former Yankee Tyler Austin. The first baseman missed Minnesota’s weekend series with the Kansas City Royals because of back stiffness. He’s expected to take batting practice Monday but isn’t likely to start against the Yankees, who dealt him to the Twins on July 30 for right-hander Lance Lynn.In 20 games since, Austin posted a .243 average (17-for-70) with seven home runs and 11 RBIs along with an .865 OPS. He was sidelined last week, though, by a bout of back tightness that kept him out of action during a weekend series with the Royals.Twins manager Paul Molitor is optimistic that Austin will return to the lineup sometime during the series.“Obviously, I probably wouldn’t play him right out of the gate after a couple of days off,” Molitor said. “Hopefully, we’ll see him before the end of that series. He’s heading in the right direction.”Miguel Sano will be out for at least the opener, too , as he waits for his bruised left knee to show improvement. Sano injured it last week while sliding into second against the Astros and also sat out the Royals series.An MRI showed no structural damage to the knee, but the Twins are taking their time with the third baseman.“We’re hopeful,” Molitor said. “Each day hopefully he has a little less soreness he has to be concerned about and can start trying to do some things on the field.”Right-hander Kyle Gibson gets the nod for Minnesota, which is 3-7 in its last 10 games after Williams Astudillo hit a two-run homer in the ninth inning of a 3-1 win on Sunday.After posting a 5.28 ERA in August, Gibson bounced back with a solid showing against the Astros last week, allowing just two runs — solo home runs — in seven innings.Gibson is 1-4 with a 7.71 ERA in seven career starts against the Yankees. Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty ImagesThe Boston Red Sox will go for a commanding 3-0 lead in the World Series and try to stay unbeaten on the road this postseason Friday, when they visit the Los Angeles Dodgers as road underdogs at sportsbooks for Game 3. The Red Sox are 5-0 away from home in the playoffs, averaging eight runs per game. MLB betting line: The Dodgers opened as -155 favorites (wager $155 to win $100); the total is at 7.5 runs, according to sportsbooks monitored by OddsShark. Line updates and matchup report.Check out the OddsShark podcast on iTunes or Spotify or at for more odds information, betting picks and a breakdown of this week's top sports betting news. Why the Red SoxCan Pay on the MLB LinesAll the pressure is on Los Angeles to perform, putting Boston in an ideal position. The worst-case scenario is the Red Sox lose three in a row at Dodger Stadium and return home for Game 6 in a must-win situation Bradley Zimmer Jersey , but they have dropped three straight only once in the previous two months.Rick Porcello (17-7, 4.28 ERA) will get the call in Game 3 and was great on the road during the regular season with a 10-3 mark and 3.86 ERA. In the postseason, Porcello started the team's 8-6 win over the Houston Astros in Game 4 of the American League Championship Series, giving up four runs in four innings. Prior to that, he allowed one run in six innings in the playoffs.Why the DodgersCan Pay on the MLB LinesThe Dodgers have not lost three consecutive games since August 22, so the odds are against that trend repeating itself here, especially in L.A. Manager Dave Roberts will get his big hitters back in the starting lineup, including outfielder Cody Bellinger.The Dodgers will also turn to rookie pitcher Walker Buehler (8-5, 2.62 ERA) in this key spot, as he was 4-3 with a 1.93 ERA in 13 regular-season games at home, limiting opposing hitters to a .174 batting average. Buehler is coming off an outstanding effort in Game 7 of the National League Championship Series , surrendering only one run on a solo home run and six hits overall in a 5-1 victory against the Milwaukee Brewers.Smart Betting PickBoston has won 14 of its past 16 World Series games en route to taking home three titles. Meanwhile, Los Angeles has struggled offensively, getting outscored 12-6 in the first two games. The weather will be much warmer in Los Angeles, which should benefit both offenses, so there is no advantage for the home team. Bet the Red Sox to continue their road run. MLB Betting TrendsThe total has gone over in 12 of Boston's past 16 games.The total has gone over in seven of Boston's past 10 games on the road.Boston is 5-0 in its past five games on the road. All MLB odds and betting trends according to Bleacher Report's official odds partner, OddsShark. Check out OddsShark on Twitter and Instagram or head to YouTube for more betting picks and analysis on this week's top games. You can also download the free odds tracker app.

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Latest on the World Series (all times local):8:17 p.m.The Boston Red Sox won their fourth World Series championship in 15 years , beating the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 in Game 5 Sunday night behind David Price’s pitching and Steve Pearce’s power.Alex Cora became the first manager from Puerto Rico to guide a team to the title. He’s just the fifth rookie skipper to do it overall.After posting a team-record 108 wins in the regular season and romping through the AL playoffs, the Red Sox finished off a one-sided Series.Price threw three-hit ball into the eighth inning. Pearce hit two home runs, a night after his homer and double spurred a late rally.Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez also connected as the Red Sox hit three homers off Clayton Kershaw.Los Angeles lost Game 7 of the World Series last year to Houston, also at Dodger Stadium by the same 5-1 score. ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Bartolo Colon kept the Texas Rangers close after a rough first inning in his first start since setting the record for victories by a Latin American pitcher.His catcher helped the 45-year-old right-hander extend that mark.Robinson Chirinos hit a go-ahead, three-run homer in the fourth while finishing with four RBIs, and Colon made it through five innings in the Rangers’ 5-3 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks on Monday night.Colon (7-10) retired 10 consecutive batters after allowing run-scoring doubles by A.J. Pollock and Steven Souza Jr. in the first. Pollock’s liner was misplayed in right field by Joey Gallo.Big Sexy got his 247th career win Brian Roberts Jersey , two more than Dennis Martinez of Nicaragua. A native of the Dominican Republic, Colon has four more victories than countryman and Hall of Famer Juan Marichal.“He’s been doing it for so long, he knows when he gives up some runs he can come back and keep the game close,” Chirinos said. “That’s what he did tonight.”Chirinos’ 443-foot drive into the visitors’ bullpen in left-center was his 16th homer of the season and ended Arizona right-hander Zack Greinke’s streak of nine straight starts allowing two runs or fewer. Chirinos added an RBI single in the eighth.Ronald Guzman led off the third with his 13th homer after Greinke (12-8) retired the first six Texas hitters.Greinke permitted six hits and four runs in 6 1/3 innings with two walks and six strikeouts while dropping his third straight start after winning his previous seven decisions.“I think they’re the best offense in baseball the last month,” Greinke said. “So going in in their home park is going to be tough. But I made more mistakes and got behind in more counts than needed to make it a little bit tougher.”Colon gave up four hits and three runs while setting a Texas record with his 22nd straight start with two or fewer walks. He issued one free pass and struck out three. Colon has won both his starts in August after losing all five in July.Rangers reliever Eddie Butler retired all six batters he faced. Cory Gearrin got Eduardo Escobar on a tapper in front of the plate to end the eighth with runners at the corners in a one-run game, and Jose Leclerc struck out two in a perfect ninth for his second save.BELTRE’S HAMSTRINGRangers manager Jeff Banister said Adrian Beltre reinjured his left hamstring while scoring from second base on Chirinos’ single in the eighth. He was replaced at third base by Jurickson Profar in the ninth. The Rangers said Beltre, who got career hit No. 3 Thurman Munson Jersey ,137, would have an MRI on Tuesday. Beltre has missed 27 games over two stints on the disabled list with a strained left hamstring.TOP OF THE HEAPThe Diamondbacks began the night a game ahead of the Dodgers for the lead in the NL West. Los Angeles played San Francisco at home later Monday. “Our pitching has been outstanding, and that’s the reason we are where we’re at,” manager Torey Lovullo said. “I feel like we’ve earned it. Could it be better? Yeah.”NICE SNAG, SKIPBanister made a nifty, one-handed catch on a bouncer into the dugout from Guzman in the fourth inning, reaching above his head with his right hand. Three innings earlier , he stayed away from a smash by Escobar. Both were batting left-handed. “It was just inside my reach,” Banister said. “The first one I was not going to be able to catch. That one was coming pretty hard. That one would have hurt for a long time.”TRAINER’S ROOMRangers: RHP Doug Fister is headed home for the season because his right knee strain isn’t responding to treatment as hoped. Fister hasn’t pitched since limping off the mound after throwing the first pitch of the sixth inning against Houston on June 8. … RF Nomar Mazara (right thumb sprain) will play nine innings in a rehab assignment for Double-A Frisco on Tuesday. He’s been out since July 17.UP NEXTArizona LHP Patrick Corbin (9-4, 3.15 ERA) makes his first career appearance against the Rangers in the finale of the two-game series. Texas RHP Yovani Gallardo (7-1, 6.11) has the most wins in the majors since June 23 with seven, and the highest run-support average by almost two runs at 11.43 during that same span.

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