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  Nuclus Airdrop Earn 3210 NLM~18$ “Good Project, Recommended”
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Posted by: rezanahvi - 11-20-2018, 08:04 PM - No Replies

Nuclus Airdrop Earn 3210 NLM~18$ “Good Project, Recommended” 

Nuclus is Next-generation fully inclusive Digital Economy. They have built a platform to address the prosperity paradox in Africa. 

Here is the airdrop form (All tasks needed have been explained in the form):

Airdrop Details:
-$3 (equivalent 535 NLM tokens) to join the Telegram Group at:

-$3 (equivalent 535 NLM tokens) to follow us on Twitter at:

-$5 (equivalent 890 NLM tokens) to Subscribe to the White Listing:
-$7 (equivalent 1250 NLM tokens) to Sign up on the Marketplace as an Individual Buyer on following 'GET STARTED' link -

Note: Also earn 180 NLM tokens for each referral (The instruction is expalined in the form).

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  DeepCloud AI Airdrop 40DEEP~10$&Refer "Highly Recommended” Quiz Answers are included.
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Posted by: rezanahvi - 11-20-2018, 07:18 PM - No Replies

DeepCloud AI Airdrop Earn 40DEEP~10$&Referral “Great Project, Valuable, Highly Recommended” - Quiz Answers are included.

DeepCloudAI is building an AI-driven decentralized cloud computing platform for running decentralized applications, specifically what we would consider IoT and Web 3.0 dApps.

Join the bot below and follow the instruction:

Airdrop Details:
DeepCloud AI is airdropping a total of 1,000,000 DEEP tokens to their community members. Follow them on all required social platforms, answer some simple questions, post a constructive question to their Bitcointalk thread and submit your details to the Telegram bot to receive your tokens. First 3000 participants will get 40 DEEP tokens, next 3000 participants will get 32 DEEP tokens and the rest of the participants will get 24 DEEP tokens.

DeepCloud AI | DEEP Token Airdrop Quiz:
What is the peg price for the main sale of DeepCloud AI? *

How will DeepCloud AI address database performance and scalability? *
Sidechains & Sharding

Which is NOT a direct usage of DEEP tokens on the DeepCloud AI's 

What are some responsibilities of master nodes? *
All of the above

Bonus Question: When will DEEP tokens be released?
After the ICO is over <------- HINT: THIS IS THE ANSWER

When will airdrop tokens be distributed?
After the ICO is completely over

Who is the CTO of DeepCloud AI? *
Geeta Chauhan

Have you already joined our Telegram and followed us on Twitter? *
What is/are accepted form(s) of payment for the private sale? *

What are some applicable use cases for DeepCloud AI? *
Smart Cities, TV Service Providers, Supply Chain Management

What percentage of the Token Allocation will be devoted towards the crowdsale? *

What are the main value proposition(s) for DeepCloud AI? *
Decentralized Cloud Computing, Web 3.0 dApp Development, IoT

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  POPULSTAY SECOND BATCH AIRDROP “3,000,000 PPS will be distributed to the Community”
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Posted by: rezanahvi - 11-19-2018, 04:17 PM - No Replies

POPULSTAY SECOND BATCH AIRDROP “3,000,000 PPS will be distributed to the Community” 

Tokyo-government incubated blockchain startup, inspiring you to travel more by decentralizing the home-sharing industry.
Populstay is a decentralized home-sharing platform where strangers are friends and experiences are shared. Guests pay less. Hosts profit more.

Here is the airdrop page (All tasks are explained):

Note: Please use “Referrer Code” below in the airdrop form:

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  XAYA Great Bounty campaign “allocates 300,000 CHIs” Great Project, Valuable, Highly
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Posted by: rezanahvi - 11-18-2018, 01:00 PM - No Replies

XAYA  Great Bounty campaign “allocates 300,000 CHIs”  Great Project, Valuable, Highly Recommended” 

In 2013, the XAYA team introduced to the world the concept of blockchain gaming through the Huntercoin experiment. Since then, they have improved blockchain technology with some unique innovations.
After several years of research, the XAYA team presents this new platform where games can run unmanned and unstoppable on the blockchain with countless thousands of games and millions of players. 
? How to join:
1. Register here:
1-1- On the left side of the website page you will find the sign up button.
1-2- You will receive both the activation and login link by email
2. Complete the bounty tasks (join Telegram, follow Twitter etc.)

Note: You will need Xaya Electron Wallet address. Download in from the "Downloads" section of top the site, install it and get your receive address.
For how to create a CHI address, see here:

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  ChiliZ Great Bounty: Earn up to 10,000$ in CHZ tokens & 250,000$ !! for a lucky winne
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Posted by: rezanahvi - 11-17-2018, 11:23 AM - No Replies

ChiliZ Great Bounty Campaign Has Officially Launched: Earn up to 10,000$ in CHZ tokens & 250,000$ !! for a lucky winner…


[Image: bp5v_23kqwnti57stsaqnmsxb7pjsimyyp3x2q8f...cmntdk.jpg]

A total of 7.8012,500 $CHZ Tokens have been allocated to this Bounty, to be distributed - 75 days after the bounty campaign is over or until all KYC is completed for contestants
How to Participate:
1-Go to Bounty page below to find ChiliZ bounty panel, here you’ll be requested to sign up using your name, email, password & ETH address:
2-Once signed up, you can begin to complete all of the available bounties listed (Easy tasks)
3-Keep in mind that all participants will have to undergo a KYC procedure at the end of the bounty to claim tokens
Bounty Allocation:
1st Place (1 winner) ~ 312,500 $CHZ Tokens (~10,000 USD value)
2nd - 5th Place (4 winners) ~ 156,250 $CHZ Tokens (~$5,000 USD value)
6th 0 10th Place (5 winners) ~ 62,500 $CHZ Tokens (~$2,000 USD value)
11th - 20th Place (10 winners) ~31,250 $CHZ Tokens (~$1,000 USD Value)
21st - 50th Place (30 winners) ~15,600 $CHZ Tokens (~$500 USD value)
51st - 1,000th Place (950 winners) ~1,500 $CHZ Tokens (~$50 USD value)
1,001st+ Place (Open Pool) ~475 $CHZ Tokens (~15 USD value)


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  "Callisto Airdrop" supported by Coinomi - 1 MILLION in $CLO will be distributed to th
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Posted by: rezanahvi - 11-15-2018, 10:48 PM - No Replies

"Callisto Airdrop" supported by Coinomi - 1 MILLION in $CLO will be distributed to the community "Great Airdrop, DO NOT MISS"
Join the bot and follow the instruction:

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  Vite Airdrop 125 VT~$15 - $20 as “Good Project, Valuable, Recommended”
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Posted by: rezanahvi - 11-15-2018, 09:17 PM - No Replies

Vite Airdrop 125 VT~$15 - $20 as “Good Project, Valuable, Recommended”
Vite is a new generation peer to peer ridesharing service powered by Vitecoin Token (VT).

Here is the airdrop form (Airdrop instruction is included);

Step by Step Guide:
1-Visit the Vite Airdrop form:
2-Join their Telegram group.
3-Follow them on Twitter.
4-Like them on Facebook , like any two posts and leave a good comment
5-Post your Telegram, Twitter and Facebook profile links on the project Bitcointalk thread for reference:
Facebook profile:

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  Suchapp Contest is AVAILABLE AGAIN! - A total of 1,000,000 SPS will be distributed “G
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Posted by: rezanahvi - 11-15-2018, 12:27 PM - No Replies

Suchapp Contest is AVAILABLE AGAIN! - A total of 1,000,000 SPS will be distributed “Good Project, Recommended”
SuchApp combines best-of-class messaging with the power of a social network architected over a robust, enterprise-level blockchain economy to create the world's first 5G messaging ecosphere.

Step-by-Step Guide:
1. Visit the Suchapp airdrop page
2. Click on “Sign me up”
3. Submit your details and signup.
4. Verify your mail.
5. Log in to the dashboard and complete some easy social tasks.
6. You will get up to 15250 stakes.
Note: Also get 1000 stakes for every referral.

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  MEDOCTOR Airdrop - 18 MTEL ($18 + ref) “Good Project, Recommended”
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Posted by: rezanahvi - 11-15-2018, 09:50 AM - No Replies

MEDOCTOR Airdrop - 18 MTEL ($18 + ref) “Good Project, Recommended” 

MEDoctor is a decentralized medical platform. They allow patients to receive an AI-based differential diagnosis report and have a video call with a doctor of their choice.
MEDoctor is airdropping 18 MTEL tokens to their community members. Sign up at their website, complete easy social tasks and submit your details to receive 18 MTEL tokens. Also, earn 10 MTEL tokens for each referral.

How to join: 
1. Visit the  MEDoctor website:
2. Click on “Airdrop”.
3. Sign up and verify your email address.
4. Click on “MEDoctor Airdrop” from your dashboard and complete easy social tasks.
5. Submit your details to the airdrop page.
6. You will receive up to 18 MTEL tokens.
7. Also, earn 10 MTEL tokens for each referral.

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  Colts vs Seahawks: Breaking down Nyheim Hines’ rough first game
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Posted by: panxing18 - 11-15-2018, 02:06 AM - No Replies

Nyheim Hines had a bad debut. There isn’t any other way to say it. He struggled mightily in the return game and didn’t redeem himself on the ground. It is fair to say that some of his use was pared down as he will be involved in a handful of gadget type plays every game. However Youth Matt Slauson Jersey , as a runner and return man, he needs to dramatically improve. We are going to dig in to his film and see what his game looks like under a microscope.On Hines’ first returnable punt he gets stopped and lets the ball get stripped out. The Colts lucked out because they said that the whistle had been blown for forward progress. It certainly looked like a fumble to me, and I think more often than not this is called a turnover and a huge blow. Hines is a smaller guy, and sometimes that can be a struggle. Hines will have to make sure he fixes that problem or he won’t be getting return responsibilities for long.Here we see Hines get the handoff on second and long. At first glance it could appear that bad blocking is what resulted in this run going for just 3 yards. However, a closer look shows that Hines just plain goes to the wrong hole. There is a great hole opened up on the right side and given Hines electric speed, this should be something like a 5-6 yard gain at minimum. Instead, he runs directly into the scrum where there is little chance of any actual progress. What is Hines doing here? If you saw me do this on the field it would be understandable, but this is a really bad look for an NFL running back. He could do one of two things that would be acceptable here. He could block the defender and help out Austin Howard, or he could step inside Howard and released into the flat for a quick pass. Either of those things would have been more helpful than what he chose to do, which was to get in Howard’s way, turn around backwards, and fall down uselessly. This was not a fun play to watch in the film room with Tom Rathman, I am certain.Here we get a toss to Hines for an outside run. It isn’t a bad play, and results in a five-yard gain. However, given his speed, you would like to see him be able to make the cutback and take advantage of the big running lane to the inside that is opened up and if he does this might be a first down and more. This isn’t exactly an error on his part , but it certainly means he left some yards on the field here.On this play it is tough to fault Hines for coming up short of the line of scrimmage. There is really no hole to run through at all. The call clearly has him going up the middle, and you don’t want your running backs to be too quick to bounce outside. The opportunity would have been there for him to at least gain a few yards by racing the linebacker to the sideline, but it isn’t really his fault that the line didn’t win their matchups. This one falls more on poor blocking than on his running. It is pretty clear to anyone watching that Hines isn’t the guy they’re using to gash teams up the middle anyway.Well, up until now I’ve been pretty tough on Hines, but here is an example of him getting it right. It is 3rd and 7 in the red zone. There aren’t many more critical situations. Phillip Walker drops back and Hines steps up to put a hit on a linebacker who comes screaming up the middle. Now the chances are that Walker gets this pass off anyway, but this block is the difference between taking a big hit after the throw or not. This is exactly what you want from your running back on this kind of play.This is Hines second big mistake. At the last second, he decides he cannot make the catch, but doesn’t get out of the way and it bounces off him. Thankfully Hines is saved again by a heads-up play by Ronald Martin. If the defense recovers this it is a huge swing and they have the ball in great position to score. This kind of momentum changing play is the last thing the Colts can afford in the regular season. Another punt, another mistake. Hines misjudges the distance of the kick here and finds himself too far forward. He can’t bring the ball in, and only just gets it in hand before the gunner slams into him. If you want to give Hines points for the sheer luck of avoiding 3 turnovers up to this point, I guess you could, but this kind of mistake and narrow miss is one that will lose him the return job if it keeps happening throughout the preseason.All in all, this was not a good outing for Nyheim Hines at all. He made several critical mistakes that were lucky not to be turnovers. He struggled in pass protection, and he missed some running lanes when asked to carry the ball. In a wide open running back competition, he did not win himself any points with his performance. Fortunately, this was just the first preseason game and he has 3 more to make an impression. The rest of Hines’ time in camp has not looked as rough as this game did Jack Doyle Jersey , so it is entirely possible that nerves played a major role in his struggles. If that is true, we will hopefully see a totally different player in week two of the preseason. With some injuries to the running backs, he will certainly get the chance to make a better second impression. If he continues to struggle, it could seriously limit how much he is used once the regular season gets under way.Practice Squad Moves: Colts release RB McNichols, sign T Will Holden The Colts have made a move to improve their practice squad today by releasing running back Jeremy McNichols and signing tackle Will Holden.The 6’7” 312lb Holden was a 5th round pick of the Arizona Cardinals back in 2017 and played in 7 games for the Cards, starting at tight end, left guard, and left tackle. Holden spent his college time at Vanderbilt where he played in 48 games. Like many of the depth linemen that have been staples of the last few years for the Colts, Holden played at several positions on the offensive line, including guard and both tackle spots. The majority of his college time was spent playing at tackle, although he was projected as a better fit at guard. The Colts undoubtedly like the prospect of developing Holden on the practice squad as an unpolished player who could be brought along as a quality depth guy. Joe Haeg will tell you how valuable to the longevity of your career it is to be able to play at multiple positions, and if Holden can learn and grow, perhaps he can offer that depth and make the leap to the active roster. McNichols, the 5’9” 205lb running back signed to the Colts practice squad on September 3rd and was with the 49ers for training camp. He is in his second season and was also a 5th round selection out of Tampa Bay during the 2017 draft.

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