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MYCOINVEST AIRDROP Earn 15000 CVZ “Good Airdrop, Highly Recommended” ON NEM Platform
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MYCOINVEST AIRDROP Earn 15000 CVZ “Good Airdrop, Valuable, Highly Recommended” 
myCoinvest is an investment company working to perfect a life changing financial solution. They offer a simple to use automatic blockchain based savings ecosystem.

Step-by-Step Guide:
1. Visit the myCoinvest website:
2. Click on the “Vezcoin Airdrop” pop up or click on “CVZ Airdrop” tab on the bottom right corner.
3. Click on “User Sign up ” and submit your details.
4. Click on “Share on Facebook” and follow them on Facebook.
5. Click on “Share on Twitter” and follow them on Twitter.
6. Join their Telegram group.
7. Click on “Complete your profile” and submit your XEM wallet address and other details.
8. You will receive 15 points which are worth 15000 CVZ tokens.
-DO NOT FORGET to redeem your points for CVZ.
-You can earn also earn 30000 CVZ tokens for each referral.
-Downloading the NEM wallet:

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