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One of the most exciting athletes in the Green Bay Packers’ 2018 draft class is finally going to get a chance to take the field on Sundays. The team promoted outside linebacker Kendall Donnerson to the active roster from the practice squad on Tuesday Tramon Williams Color Rush Jersey , and it looks likely that the rookie will be active for Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons.The Packers chose Donnerson in the seventh round of this year’s NFL Draft, making him the 248th overall selection. He possesses elite athletic abilities, with workout numbers such as a40-yard dash time in the mid-4.4s, a 40-inch vertical, and a 3-cone time of just over seven seconds, all at 6-foot-3 and 250 pounds. Donnerson also recorded six sacks as a senior for Southeast Missouri State in 2017 and totaled 13.5 tackles for loss.The rookie will join a thin group of outside linebackers that is down to three healthy bodies. Nick Perry went on injured reserve recently, leaving the Packers with just Clay Matthews, Kyler Fackrell, and Reggie Gilbert to man the position.In order to make a roster spot for Donnerson, the Packers placed safety Ibraheim Campbell on injured reserve. He was injured on Sunday during the team’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals after making eight tackles in the game. The Packers will likely try to bring him back for 2019, however, as he showed enough in a few games to warrant a shot at a roster spot next season.The Packers also made two more transactions, filling a pair of empty practice squad spots vacated by the recent promotions of Donnerson and fullback Danny Vitale. In order to give the team additional depth at safety — a position that saw both Kentrell Brice and Raven Greene sit out the last game with injuries — the Packers filled signed two players at that position: Tray Matthews and Jason Thompson. The two safeties have very different skill sets. Matthews, an undrafted rookie from Auburn, is known as a big hitter. Thompson, on the other hand , is a marvelous athlete, who had a truly impressive Pro Day workout before the 2017 NFL Draft. He had a reported 4.45-second time in the 40-yard dash, with a blistering 1.50-second split time in the first ten yards, and he added blazing times of 6.57 seconds in the 3-cone drill and 4.01 seconds in the short shuttle to go with an 11-foot-1 broad jump. Interestingly, Thompson played quarterback as a freshman at Wyoming in 2012 before transferring to Utah and moving to the secondary. His college career only consisted of 20 games played, but his athletic traits are likely what earned him a look. Matthews, on the other hand, was a multi-year starter at Auburn, who recorded five interceptions and three forced fumbles in his career. That awful smell you’re smelling right now actually isn’t the Green Bay Packers’ offense.You either forgot to put on deodorant or don’t use the stuff because, contrary to popular opinion, the offense doesn’t actually stink that badly.Sure, it stinks by comparison to the high levels we’ve seen it perform in the past, but it doesn’t smell nearly as badly as you think it does.Think of the offense like this; when you come back from vacation and realized you forgot to take out the trash there’s a bit of a smell, but it shouldn’t take long to air it out once you remove the McCarthy garbage and light a candle.Last Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, the Green Bay Packers’ defense stunk on third down.Since they don’t have to worry about trash removal while playing a game, I’m of course talking about their play on the field.The Packers allowed 7/14 conversions — that’s right , 50% you PhD, you — which would put them at 30th in the league over the course of the season.Yikes. Fortunately, their overall season third down percentage is 12th best in the league at 38%, a marked improvement from 2017 where they were 28th at 43% and 2016 where they ranked 24th at 41%.Let’s go over some game film to see what happened against Minnesota, and highlight a few plays that have worked well over the course of the season.Play #1 - first quarter, 3rd & 1Antonio Morrison is a thumper.The Vikings come out in the strong I twins formation and motion Adam Thielen in from the slot to play in line, and Green Bay goes with their base package. Morrison anticipates the dive play and helps Tyler Lancaster take on the double team block, while Clay Matthewsis left one on one against Thielen.Matthews does a great job delivering a strike to Theilen’s chest and stopping the fullback dive in its tracks. Success.Play #2 - first quarter, 3rd & 14Green Bay goes with a nitro dime package against Minnesota, with Kenny Clark the only traditional lineman on the play.Fackrell, Oren Burks, Clark, Josh Jones, Blake Martinez, and Matthews are all walked up to the line of scrimmage but only Clark, Fackrell and Matthews rush.The coverage appears to be a combo coverage — cover 3 mable— where the backside CB and LB have man coverage on the WR and TE while the 2 WR side has cover 3 zone responsibilities.Kirk Cousins reads the right route to Diggs on the short post as Jaire Alexander is playing off and outside Green Bay Packers Customized Jerseys , but Cousins straight up missed him. The throw was a full two yards behind him.It would have been close if Kirk actually managed to hit the open receiver, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.Success.Play #3 - second quarter, 3rd & 7This is where a vanilla defense gets beat.Green Bay runs cover two, and the only twist was that Tramon Williams and Josh Jones were lined up 10 yards off the ball outside the hash marks while Ibraheim Campbell was 15 yards back in center field.Williams and Jones dropped to play the two deep, and Campbell buzzed forward to cover underneath.The Vikings ran a good cover two beater; the outside receivers ran corner routes and the TE’s ran darts to the flat, around 4 yards deep.The corner route forced the cornerbacks to drop deep enough so the wide receiver couldn’t get behind them, which left the flats open.By the time Cousins was deliver the ball, Josh Jackson was still backpedaling at 10 yards deep and couldn’t come up in time to stop Rudolph.Fail.Play #4 - second quarter, 3rd & 5Corner blitz that gets read well by Cousins, and he delivers a strike to Stefon Diggs who was on the side where the blitz came from.It’s the old adage - throw towards the blitz - with the reason being that if someone just vacated that space, there’s nobody there to defend it for a second or two.This play was frustrating though; Diggs cut his route off a few yards short of the sticks and both Williams and Martinez had a shot at making the tackle but they whiffed and Diggs easily picked up the first.Fail.Play #5 - second quarter, 3rd & 1Strong I formation, run up the middle; sound familiar?Green Bay put Clark and Lancaster in the A gaps over the center to clog the middle, and again Morrison times the snap count on the blitz and plugs the B gap.Latavius Murray got the handoff this time and cut back to his right but Montravius Adams had slipped his block.He pulled the ole move and turned his hips and shoulder to the weak side to let his bocker slide off him; a dangerous proposition as a lineman because you’re essentially conceding your gap responsibility.Watch how far down the line Adams goes:If Murray wasn’t so slow hitting the hole, he could have bounced the run back to the right and gone around Adams. As it stood though, Montravius got himself square quickly after the block shed and made the stop short of the sticks. Success.Play #6 - second quarter Green Bay Packers T-Shirts , 3rd & 10Vanilla defense again, as Green Bay goes with cover 2 man from the nickel formation against the Vikings’ 11 personnel.The Vikings call crossers with a divide concept, as Kyle Rudolph and Thielen run opposite field crossing routes while another receiver runs a post behind Rudolph.Cousins actually threw to the more covered receiver, and didn’t lead Thielen as he should have; Antonio Morrison was covering Kyle Rudolph and couldn’t keep pace while fighting through traffic. Who is more open here?Too bad it didn’t matter.Cousins underthrew Thielen who had to slow down to make the catch; Alexander kept running at full speed to catch up with him and couldn’t throw on the brakes fast enough to make a tackle and Thielen picks up the first. Fail.Play #7 - second quarter, 3rd & 7Cover 3 mable again by Green Bay, with no disguises.This one came during the two minute drill by the Vikings, so the playcall is understandable with so many inexperienced players in the secondary and the Vikings lining up with three receivers on one side. This play came down to nice route running by Rudolph and Thielen; Rudolph runs a post right by Martinez’ ear, who has the middle zone, while Thielen runs an in breaking route right behind him.It’s a play designed to put stress on the MLB, and that’s exactly what it did.While Martinez read it pretty well, he just wasn’t quick enough. Fail.57% seemed about right.Cousins missed Diggs on the 3rd & 14 play, but if Green Bay makes a few tackles they make another stop or two.While I liked the corner blitz call, Cousins just made a better play.Williams didn’t want to give anything over the top so he stayed deep but the blitz forces the QB to make a quick read. Overall Pettine played it safe and didn’t use as much pre-snap disguises as we’ve seen him use so far this season, and Minnesota was able to convert too frequently.Stay tuned for part 2!

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