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Particl Airdrop & Awareness Campaign – Earn 5$ PART Just for signing up & More by sha
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Particl Airdrop & Awareness Campaign – Earn 5$ PART Just for signing up & More by share per additional friend “Good Project, Recommended”  - OWN WALLET
PART is the multi-purpose currency at the very center of the Particl economy which acts as its fuel. It’s a privacy coin, a voting ticket, a moderation token, a source of passive income, and much more. In fact, the unlimited possibilities enabled by Particl’s decentralized applications makes the PART coin what you want it to be. 
Here is the airdrop page (Earn $5 worth of PART simply by registering your email):
Prizes Details:
Getting friends to use Particl is easy! Each friend you get to sign up nets you 1 point and points earn you prizes paid in $PART.
-Get $5 worth of $PART for signing up
-Get $10 worth of $PART when 5 of your friends sign up
-Get $20 worth of $PART when 10 of your friends sign up
-Get 1 lifetime staking share per additional friend that signs up (10+)
1-Each friend you refer to the platform earns you a point. You can earn $10 worth of PART if you get 5 friends to use Particl, and $20 worth of PART for 10 friends.
Once you reach 11 points, you’ll start earning lifetime shares of the staking revenue made by the Ambassador Community Contract Pool.
2-The contest will run until the 16th of July, 2019.
3-To claim your prize, you need to send us a private address from the same email you used to register to the campaign. Sending a private address requires Particl Desktop and is not possible to do from Particl’s mobile application.
4-Payouts will be executed for the first time on the 23rd of May 2019, and will then be payed out every 2 weeks after that point.
How to Claim Your Prize
To claim your prize, all you need to do is send us, by email, a private address. Don’t worry, it’s actually pretty easy to acquire. Simply follow the steps below:

Download Particl Desktop (mainnet):
Create a new account (make sure to backup your seed somewhere safe!)
Go to the RECEIVE tab located in the sidebar on the left
Click on the Private Address tab located at the top of the RECEIVE page
Click on the green Copy Address button to copy it to your clipboard
Send your private address to with the same email you signed up with to claim your prizes.

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