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There was no football for the Cowboys in Week 8 as they were o
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n a bye and the same is true for their Week 9 opponent in the Tennessee Titans. Dallas and Tennessee will meet next week on Monday Night Football.Dallas won their last meeting with Tennessee back in 2014 Dallas Cowboys Womens T-Shirt , but things have changed a lot since then. The Titans have since added quarterback Marcus Mariota, had their own stint with DeMarco Murray, and even changed uniforms. The Cowboys don’t even look like the same team from the last time they played a game this season as they’ve added wide receiver Amari Cooper.Both the Cowboys and Titans will enter the final game of Week 9 with 3-4 records. The winner will leave .500 and the loser will see their season slip all the more out of their fingers. If you’re wondering who will win a week ahead just know that Oddsshark has the Cowboys as six-point favorites. Yes, six. Dallas initially opened as four-point favorites so things have grown in their favor since according to the fine mathematicians that tabulate such things. In their three wins they’ve won by 7, 2, and 33 plus they’ve experienced offensive struggles for almost half of the season so a six-point margin of victory seems generous at this time. After the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Tennessee Titans on Monday night, Jerry Jones had some tough questions to answer.Dallas was only able to muster 14 points and looked pretty lackadaisical while doing so. They didn’t score any points in the second half and they got sloppy on defense. Overall Dallas Cowboys Hats , it was a forgettable night.Such a performance is never ideal from your coaching staff, especially if they were already on thin ice. When you add in the fact that they had two weeks to prepare for it all, well it seems like a formula that would lead to some change, does it not?It’s worth noting that the Cowboys did make a coaching change just last week. They fired offensive line coach Paul Alexander, promoted Marc Columbo, and brought Hudson Houck back. When Jerry Jones was asked last night if there was any scenario where he would make an in-season coaching change, ESPN’s Todd Archer reports he had a very short answer.This includes an offensive coordinator change.Jones went on to elaborate that he’s not happy but will have patience.Of course Dallas Cowboys Womens Hoodie , anything is possible. Just because Jerry Jones says he doesn’t anticipate a coaching change happening doesn’t mean a coaching change isn’t necessarily happening. As Pro Football Talk pointed out, Jerry Jones coincidentally said the exact same thing eight years prior to Monday night’s remarks and wound up making a change just days later.When you lose in the NFL you have to deal with long weeks. At 3-5, the Dallas Cowboys are about to deal with one of the longest of their season, and that’s because it’s a short one as far as preparation time is concerned. Oh, the irony.

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