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Brain Space Airdrop Earn 250 IMP~20$ & 25 IMP/ref “Good project, Recommended”
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Brain Space Airdrop Earn 250 IMP~20$ & 25 IMP/ref “Good project, Recommended” 
Brain Space is a unique multi-platform that will greatly simplify and expand the possibilities of IP registration and the further fate of the author of a work of any cultural theme and value.

Airdrop Details:
1. Visit the Brain Space website, Sign up and verify your email address:
2. Click on ”Bounty” and add your Bitcointalk username and your Bitcointalk URL.
3. Go to “Settings” and submit your ETH wallet address.
4. Join their Telegram group ( and Bounty group (
5. Follow them on Twitter ( and like 10 of their tweets.
6. Follow them on Facebook ( and like 10 of their posts.
7. Click on “Participate” under the airdrop section and submit your details.
8. Post your proof of participation on this Bitcointalk thread ( in the following format:
#Proof of Participation:
Bitcointalk username:
Bitcointalk profile:
Telegram Username:

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