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OpenWeb Network Airdrop 700OWT & 50OWT/Refer “Decentralised internet protocol (Web 3)
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OpenWeb Network Airdrop Earn 700 OWT & 50 OWT/Referral “Decentralised internet protocol (Web 3.0) “  Already Listed on Stex
OpenWeb Network is a decentralised internet protocol (Web 3.0) which enables websites to be hosted in distributed computing resources globally without the need of any intermediaries or gatekeepers. OpenWeb is a peer to peer network which is rubust, secure and community driven with a vision to free internet from behemoth corporations controlling and dictating the rules of the internet.
How to Join:
2. Click on “Airdrop”‘.
3. Sign Up and verify your email.
4. Similarly, complete other tasks and click on “verify”.
-You can earn an additional 50 OWT tokens for each referral (Max 100 OWT).
-Don't forget to submit your Ethereum address.


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