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[ANN][AIRDROP][UCOT]|Ultimate Supply of Every Chain,Smart Internet of Everything
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【Airdrop Rules】
[Join UCOT telegram group, get a chance to win our airdrop rewards ]
Dear users, in order to maintain long-term and effective communication, we sincerely invite you to join UCOT's official telegram group. There are different users and more ideas from all over the world.


1. Join our Telegram Official Channel:
2. Follow @UcotMedia Official Twitter:
3. Submit your #ETH wallet address (not exchange address) to bot @UCOTbot
by messaging the bot PRIVATELY; Simply look for @UCOTbot from the member list, and send message to the bot in private;

We will start giving users our token airdrop rewards on 1 Feb!  Thank you all for your support!

[Image: 4qfTpM2.png]
[Image: zV8kVQm.jpg]
[Image: OK5dZgk.png]
[Image: SBJRPdR.png]
Bot Not Working Now So

Look Like a Scam on the way

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